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About Us

Founded in 1985

Baalbaky Rattan Furniture has positioned itself as a leading manufacturer of rattan in Syria. Our mission statement is to create hand-made furniture; original and unique with first-rate quality. And to this purpose, we emphasize on the quality of raw materials worked, carefullyhand-picked.Nonetheless, our market differentiation lies in our price advantage, our ability to compete with price with no compromise to the quality of our work. With ultimate emphasis on state-of-the-art design and absolute comfort, we take pride in the quality of our products in our workshops which contains the finest craftsmen, managed by the interior designer Mr.Abdul Illah Baalbaky, founder and lead-designer of Baalbaky Rattan Furniture.

baalbaky Ratan Furniture

Mr. Baalbaky’s strong passion for design is revealed through every piece; which makes each of our collection distinctive and unique. With the selection of raw materials, our factory plants are engaged with creative teams and craftsmen working together in three stages; weaving, assembly, and finishing. In each stage, quality is again tested and assured to move along the production line.Spurred by strong demand, we expanded our manufacturing capacity to Indonesia in 2005, further expanding our product lines in bamboo and teak furniture. Today, our range of prominent clients includes five-star hotels, high-end restaurants, and exclusive residences. Ultimately, Baalbaky Rattan Furniture’s track record and thorough management over the years have redefined rattan into a lavish, solid, and beautiful material.